The Happy Land Company consists of a group of investment companies operating in several fields including investment in the;
Tourism Sector, Agricultural, Commercial and Residential.
Each one of these companies was founded on the basis of a thorough study of the reality of the requirements of the Iraqi people from aspects of the historical civilization of Iraq and the nature of our society and the natural resources of our country and moreover has been relying on some studies of human potentials and the efficiency of Iraqi youth and their active role in life over Ages where the focus was on youth to bring them to various economic activities and taking into account their immediate and future aspirations and requirements and make them all the heart of our activities.
As a first step we started developing the idea of selling houses for monthly installments and after we saw the results of the idea and how it was welcomed by young people, especially in the project of Youth Compound in Erbil, we then expand the idea to include all segments of the society to facilitate the access to convenient housing with the support of our company in the form of installments that suit the annual income of the Iraqi family.
Our ideas have been applied in the form of projects in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, particularly in the governorates of Erbil and Dohuk, and we at the same time are thinking seriously to cover all of Iraq's provinces, which have not been covered by our projects to date


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