Tourism City in Al-Udhaim (Diala)


Located in the province of Diyala, and on the shores of Lake dam and the great amount of capacity to store fresh water a billion and six hundred million cubic meters, and on the slopes of the Hamrin Mountains, which link between the Great Lakes and Hamrin.

Designed the city according to the latest architectural designs and engineering, and investment area (400 000) acres to accommodate ten (10) million, and the establishment of the role of the Buildings and markets commercial and tourist areas, agricultural and medical city, a university and sports facilities, forests and parks green and artificial lakes, and the airport and ways of Transportation, noted that the city Ta on the street that links between Baghdad and the northern region., lies north of Baghdad, a distance of 110 km South  Krakok.



Contract has been signed with the Diyala provincial council, the project consists of several stages have been completed architectural and engineering design of many of the vocabulary of stages