Stors Land (Erbil)

Address: Iraq - Kurdistan Region - Erbil - the road to Mosul.

Abstract of the project: Investment license number: (301) at 20/10/2010 
The project area: 1000 acres

Components of the project:

(Storrs Land) business component of the 648-store Normale 0.108 store chilled 0.22 mall bunk (includes 660 commercial shops), 6 blocks sale of evergreen and fruit and contains (140 shop) 0.86 Commercial Building consists of two floors (for the purpose of presentation ), 2 buildings comprising three floors (used as a commercial bank), buildings management consists of two floors, the building of the health center (composed of two floors), 12 Building 6-six-story building used as offices commercial, Collector, 4 restaurants 0.45 House residential area of 100 m 2.5 Building consists of 60 apartments area of 120 m 2.5 architecture consists of 60 apartments for staff, 17 maintenance workshop, Barkink, green spaces and parks, police station, fire station and storage silo with a capacity of 25,000 twenty five thousand tons.

And implemented by Almstmr (Company (Storrs Land)) capital (440,835,901) and forty-four million eight hundred and thirty-five thousand nine hundred and one dollars on the area of 10000 acres in the province of Erbil